Posted 1 day ago

#selfie on the move once again

Posted 2 days ago

I’ll bet @1000goodbyes would have ZERO fun here. Skatepark at 9k? #forit (at Winter Park Skate Park)

Posted 6 days ago

No filter. #crazysky #co

Posted 1 week ago

#manbeer #bullandbush (at The Ditch on 40)

Posted 2 weeks ago

No lens or audio interface could do this show justice unless you were there. Best show I’ve ever seen and that’s saying a lot! YouTube this issshhhh. #plredrocks2014 #plpix #pllive I saw pretty lights open for pretty lights w a band then pretty lights w a band AND orchestra!! #newlevel (at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre)

Posted 2 weeks ago

Yuuuuup #plpix #pllive #redrocks (at Red Rocks Amphitheater)

Posted 2 weeks ago

This rainbow is insane. Couldn’t get a pic and the vid does it zero justice #potofgoldforsure

Posted 2 weeks ago

After a fun day of doing man stuff, watermelon is a necessity… And beer #watermelonfaceselfie

Posted 2 weeks ago

Working outside, playing outside, now to find a tent that can power a studio (at Stanley Canyon)

Posted 2 weeks ago

#CO #plpix